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Innovative Solutions To Save You Money

Selling and Buying?

The One & One is a great equity retention program! When you combine both transactions you save Big Time! You pay a 1% listing fee (plus 3% for the buyer's agent just like a FSBO) AND you receive a 1% rebate from the 3% commission on the purchase of your property. A move-up buyer comes out ahead! Selling a $200,000 house cost $2,000 then buying a $350,000 house gets you a $3,500 credit available in several different options. You come out $1,500 ahead!

Only Selling?

Super-size your FSBO effort with an MLS listing! $500 will get you listed on the MLS and 72 more real estate websites. You handle all calls, appointments, contract negotiations, navigate through all the contract contingencies like home inspections, appraisal and financing just like a FSBO but with the power of the MLS and the 72 websites it pushes out to.

Full-service listing is available for 1-1.5% listing fee (plus 3% for a buyer’s agent) depending on price/area. You can upgrade to full listing at any time.

Only Buying?

You need the Buyer’s Advantage program! You will receive a 1% rebate when the seller is paying a 3% commission. Use it toward closing costs or receive as a rebate to use at Best Buy or Home Depot for some of the items you will want for your new home!